Horizontal boring machine TOS WHN 13 CNC

Producer: TOS Varnsdorf a.s.Machine type: WHN 13 CNCProduction number: 49-07/2020Maximum spindle speed: 3000 rpm.X-axis (transverse table adjustment): 5000 mmY-axis (vertical spindle adjustment): 2000 mmZ-axis (longitudinal spindle stand adjustment): 1600 mmW-axis (spindle extension): 800 mmControl system:...
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Horizontal boring machine TOS WHN 13.4

Control system Heidenhain TNC 530Diameter of working spindle mm 130Spindle taper ISO 50Maximum extension of working spindle (Z axis) mm 800Distance of spindle axis from table clamping surface (Y axis) mm 0 - 2000Table clamping area mm 1800 x 1600Table lateral adjustment (X axis) mm 2000Longitudinal adjustment of the stand (W axis) mm 1250Work spindle rotationNumber of stages 22Series I ...
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Horizontal boring machine Fermat WFC 10 CNC

Year of manufacture 2015 Running time in the program only 4000 hours ! Control system Heidenhain TNC 530 Spindle working diameter 100 mmX-axis travel 2000 mmY-axis travel 1700 mmSpindle speed 0 - 3000 /min.Centre cooling yesCentre cooling pressure 50 barSpindle extension (W) 730 mmZ-axis travel 1250 mmTool magazine yesNumber of positions in tool magazine 40Clamping cone ...
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CNC hydraulic press brake AMADA HF 50-12

Technical Parameters AmadaModel / type: HF 50-12Bending length 1250 mmColumn spacing 1070 mmFeed rate 100 mm / sBending speed 0-10 mm / sOpening speed 100 mm / sLength 1700 mmWidth 1 500 mmHeight 2400 mmMaximum force (pressing) 50 tMachine height 2380 mmMachine length 1800 mmMachine width 2300 mmMachine weight 3100 t

CNC centre HURCO VMX 64/40T

Control system: ULTIMAX 4Workbench length: 1700 mmWorkbench width: 870 mmX-axis travel length: 1625 mmY-axis travel length: 860 mmZ-axis travel length: 760 mmSpindle speed: 10,000 rpmMaximum rotation speed with vertical spindle axis: 12,000 1/minMachine height: 3230 mmMachine length: 4450 mmMachine width: 2890 mmWeight: 1400 kg

Lathe SUA 100 P SKODA

Turning diameter above bearing 1080Turning diameter above caliper 720Taper distance 12240Min. turning diameter 20Spindle speed 1,8 - 355Main drive power 40kWWorkpiece weight 10t Surface grinder for full length, hole up to 430mm, outer cone up to 450 mm, max.Diameter in plate 780,Lunettes 80-300, 280-500 3.2 tParallel 80-255 1.25 tSub-roll 450-720 5 tmax. hole length 800mmtaper cone metric 80

Lathe SU 90

orbital diameter above the bearing mm 900tine distance mm 2750orbital diameter above the caliper mm 585spindle rotation mm 70spindle taper 1:20 mm 80bed width mm 698faceplate diameter mm 920chuck diameter mm 410spindle speed: 32 degreesRPM range:I. rpm range 6-280II. rpm range 8-375III. rpm range 10.6-500IV. rpm range 14-670V. rpm range 19-900feeds- number:longitudinal in the range ...
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Skoda SRM 125 / 5000 lathe

The ŠKODA SRM 125 lathe is a high-quality machine tool designed for high precision machining and cutting of various materials. This machine has a tip spacing of 5000 mm and is capable of machining a working diameter of up to 1250 mm above the bed and 900 mm above the caliper. It can machine tip spacing in the range of 3000-11000 mm and has a cone in the spindle ...
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