CNC lathe Doosan Puma Inverturn 3000M

year of manufacture 2007 Spin spin spin spin spinde speed range 3300 Axis movement X 1250 mmA movement of the Z axis 360 mm tool count 12 Machine:width 3050 mm depth 2024 mm height 2960 mm Machine weight 9000 kg

HAAS HS-1RPHE horizontal machining center with palletization

Manufacturer: HaasManual of production: 2002 Parameters: HAAS CNC system (FANUC) 4 programmable X,Y,Z, +A turntable axis Travel paths: X - 610 mm, Y - 508 mm, Z - 559 mm Resolution in 0.0002 mm axles, positioning accuracy 0.005 mm, repeatable accuracy 0.0025 mm Pallet size 406×406 mm Pallet replacement: 25 sec Maximum table load: ...
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CNC Center Hurco VMX 42

Year of manufacture: 2003 Control system: ULTIMAX Work bench length: 1300 mmSteng width: 630 mmMaximical rotational speed with vertical spin spin spinch axis: 12000 1/min X-axis travel length: 1 060 mmY-a-side travel length: 1060 mm Z-range travel length: 610 mm Machine height: 3800 mm Machine length: 4900 mm Machine width: 2750 mm Machine weight: 6500 kg


Year of manufacture: 2004 Control system: ULTIMAXChingth of the work bench: 1330The width of the work bench: 480Maximical rotational speed with vertical spin spin spin spinch axis: 8000 X-axis travel length: (1) 760Y-side travel length Y: 380 Z-range travel length: 1010 Machine height: 2500 Machine length: 2214 Machine width: 2200 Machine weight:4700

CNC lathe SPU 20 LAG

Manufactured: 2000Parameters:Control system: Heidenhain PILOT 3190Maximical feed length in z-axis: 700 mmThe average turning above the bed (max): 600 mmTotal diameter above suport (max): 380 mmMax rotational speed of the main spindler: 5000 1/minMax. Turning diameter: 200 mmNumber of tool head positions: 12 Spin spinle drilling: 77 mmNumber of a bar: 4Max. bar diameter: 66 mmS opposite spins: 4000 1/minMax. passage of rod material: 90 ...
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CNC lathe i-60U Quicktech 13-asteri

Control system: Mitsubishi M800 year of manufacture 2017 Main spindle: bearing diameter main spindle 100.00mm maximum rod diameter 60mm maximum machining length 250.0mm tong clamping spindle DIN-173E42B spindle end A 2-5 spindle drilling 62.0mm spindle speed 5000ot/min spindle power 11kW C axis 0.001* Spindle: maximum rod diameter 42mm maximum machining length 100mm spindle clamping ...
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Cnc Lathe Autoturn MT 380 A

year of production 2008 control system FANUC OI – TC number of tools 12max circumnavigation diameter 600 mmmax turn-to-diameter 400 mmtome length 500 mmdistance between the tips 580sircleng of the spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spin spins 3500 travel axis Z 550 mm travel axis X 230 (25+205)horse travel 580 mm pinola 100 mmSuch weight of the machine 4700

Cnc center Quaser MF 630 Cnc 5 ad

year of production 2015 CNC control system Siemens 828DECO Rinsing gun Rinsing chip rinsing of workspace spiral conveyorOfuk tool headPiece probe Renishaw OMP40 Technical data MF 630CCCCMoves (rpm) S - couplings and 12000 STable diameter (mm) ø 500A travel in the X / Y / Z (mm) axis 800/700/610A(°) axis travel + 30 ~ - 120Almed travel in the axis ...
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CNC lathe SP 280 SY MC

Manufacturer: MAS Kovosvit Sezimovo Ústí Type: SP 280 SY MC Year of manufacture: 2019/01 Impeller diameter above bed: 570 mm Max. turning length: 450 mm Max. turning diameter: 280 mm Drilling of the main spin spin spin spinle: A6; 70 mm Anti-vaeste bore: A5; 40 mm Max. passage of the rod with electric spindle: A6; 61 mm Travel axis: X1, Z1 241/640 mm ...
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Horizontal boring hole WHN 110 Q

year of production 1995 Heidenhain TNC 415B Working diameter spindle ... 110Ach of the X-axis ... 2000A travel of the Y-sided ... 1400Otáčky vřetene ... 2000 Centre cooling pressure - NEAs Z-range travel ... 3000Number of positions in the toolbox ... 60Upínací kužel vřetena ... SK 50Max. workpiece weight ... 15000 kgWitching surface ... 1400×1600

CNC Center Famup MCX 1200

Manufacturer EMCO Production year 2006 Machine really in good condition.a year ago new ball screws x axis and Ykomplet new pump cooling emulsion cover axis ZNew windowshand holders, the machine are included in the price of about 50 brackets and collets, keys.machine is quiet, nothing shriets, does not whistle, spincoil does not hone!! X - 1200Y - 600Z - 600sweet 8000ot/min. ISO SK40 toolkit ...
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UCB 125 Portal Wheel Lathe

Lathe for machining railway wheelsets. year of production 1981 working range:diameter 700 – 1250 mmdiameter of wheelset carriers 650 – 1100 mmmaximum rim width 150 mmspindle speed 8 The UCB 125 Portal Wheel Lathe is a double-saddle special-purpose lathe designed for reprofiling of wheels and brake discs used in rail vehicles. The machine tool ensures ...
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Table combi milling machine - U7

• Manufacturer Kiheung• Year of manufacture 2016 Control system Heidenhain TNC 620Work surface ranges 1800 x 700 mmAlc travel of the X 1600 mm Axis Travel axis Y 750 mmA travel of the Z 900 mmMax axis. table load 3000 kgSwitch cone spin spin spinle ISO 50 . Spindle speed 0 - 4000 /min. Power of the main electric motor 20/30 kWNumber of positions in the tool tray 24Working feed 10000 ...
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CNC cutting equipment for material cutting

manufacturer MicroSteprok production 2010 CNC cutting machine MG 10501.30Pr GGr + DP 1500, MicroStep Working field burners 13500×3000 mm Control system CNC table iMSNC, MicroStep Plasma Source HiFocus 440i + FlowControl 3 Plasma Burners PerCut 370.1 and 370.2 (for various material forces), Kjellberg 3D cutting head for plasma burners Beak cutting head Rotator with 3 ...
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