CNC press Safan 50-2550

Year of manufacture : 2003 Max. ton : 500 KNMax. working length : 2550 mmMax. upper ram travel : 115 mm Approach speed of the upper ram : 90 mm/sec Bending speed of the upper ram : 20 mm/sec Reversible speed of the upper ram : 90 mm/secMax. stop distance : 550 mmMax. stop speed : 400 mm/secNominal upper ram power : 9 KW Balance ...
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Equipment for laser marking of metals and non-metals - SEI Laser Scriba

In operation since 2014 Regular service SCRIBA station is a workstation for easy and efficient marking of metals, plastics and other materials with a solid-fabric laser. Thanks to the electrically controlled Z-axis with a travel of up to 450mm, it allows to also designate very large parts (non-functional automatic, we set manually). The workstation is equipped with an automatically openable cover and an automatic rotary table (2-6 positions) for a maximum of ...
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Laser welding equipment at two stations with JK300HPS (JK lasers) including cooling

Includes a source with two outputs + stations + stations with carousel + cooling sourceIn operation since 2013Manageable service Nd:YAG pulse lasers from JK lasers are able to develop short pulses with high peak power, allowing maximum flexibility and exceptionally precise control of the production process. The laser beam is guided to the work place by optical fiber with special modifications against the back ...
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Soldering equipment in Vapours IBL BLC 420HD including cooling

In operation since 2018. Regular service. Soldering equipment + Hyfra eChilly e4 Cooling Very powerful device from IBL for the most demanding applications . Unleaded and lead soldering is carried out on one machine at the same time. Available in inline and offline versions. Simple one-step profile setting is done using a smart profiling system. • New design with a small floor plan• ...
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Horizontal drill TOS WHN 13.8 CNC

Year of manufacture : 1997 Control system : Heidenhain TNC 426 Spindle diameter - 130mmWork table - 1800x2200mmSwitch spindle clamping cone ISO 50O spindle spindle spindles - 10-1500 rpmSug wwed wwed W-800mm Vertical spindle adjustment Y-2000mmSuceatable adjustment X -3500mmMMMMM Adjustable Stand Z-1250mm Feed Range X,Y,Z,W -4-3000 mm/minSpeach X,Y,Z,W -8000mm/minCond - 82 kWaWeight - 36000 kg Machine gauge:length 7100mms 7050mm high 4490mm

Band saw PP 700

year of manufacture 2019 The machine never worked ! Technical data Dimensions and weight:length mm 3,838 mm 1,710mm 2,760 weight approx. 5,250 kg Electrical data:main engine 7.5 kW hydraulic oil pump 3 kW pump cooling 0.09 kW brush motor 0.18 kW heating voltage 24 V DC special accessories:chip conveyor 0.18 kW Saw band:dimensions 8,200 x 54 ...
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