Horizontal boring engine Skoda FCW 150

Control system SIEMENS.year of production 2006 average cone spinper spinper/ 150/ISO 50-clamp table surface 2000/2500maximmed unloaded pinola spin spinper 800cheter 900 total overhang 1700 vertical spinle movement above table 2000sboards 2400table rebuilt 2500 longitudinal total travel 8000accessories IFVW 206 crosshead


GILDEMEISTER SPRINT 32-8 linear CNC- short turning machine with control FANUC 310is – 8-asteris version of the main spinde and counter-spinde with max. 8000 rpm passage of the main spinch to Ø 32mm (36mm) rapid drive up to 30 m/min linear drive in the X1 axis Option of the basic machine Rinse for collets anti-saline coolant Equipment for side machining Angle adjustable driven ...
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UCB 125 Portal Wheel Lathe

Lathe for machining railway wheelsets. year of production 1981 working range:diameter 700 – 1250 mmdiameter of wheelset carriers 650 – 1100 mmmaximum rim width 150 mmspindle speed 8 The UCB 125 Portal Wheel Lathe is a double-saddle special-purpose lathe designed for reprofiling of wheels and brake discs used in rail vehicles. The machine tool ensures ...
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CNC carousel SKJ 20A

Manufacturer... TOS Hulín designation... SKJ 20A modernization implemented in 2007 system... siemens 840D diameter board... 2000mm max. rotary diameter... 2300mm max. load of the board... 15,000kg CAPTO C6 tool clamping system right suport... 8 tools left suport... 4 tools power electric motor... 50kW machine weight... 35,000kg

CNC lathe Miyano ABX-64SY

r. v. 2006.The machine is operating under current, in good technical condition and inspection is possible. Accessories: rod feeder. Technical parameters: Number of ad: 9Max. Ø rods: 64 mmLengths (blade): 125 mmS of main spin spin spins: 4,000 md-1 Spins counter-spins: 5,000 spins min-1The power of the main spinch: 15 / 11 kwThe power of the counter-spindly: 7.5 / 5.5 kWNumber of tool heads: 2Number of driven tools: 36Wimms ...
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Table combi milling machine - U7

• Manufacturer Kiheung• Year of manufacture 2016 Control system Heidenhain TNC 620Work surface ranges 1800 x 700 mmAlc travel of the X 1600 mm Axis Travel axis Y 750 mmA travel of the Z 900 mmMax axis. table load 3000 kgSwitch cone spin spin spinle ISO 50 . Spindle speed 0 - 4000 /min. Power of the main electric motor 20/30 kWNumber of positions in the tool tray 24Working feed 10000 ...
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CNC cutting equipment for material cutting

manufacturer MicroSteprok production 2010 CNC cutting machine MG 10501.30Pr GGr + DP 1500, MicroStep Working field burners 13500×3000 mm Control system CNC table iMSNC, MicroStep Plasma Source HiFocus 440i + FlowControl 3 Plasma Burners PerCut 370.1 and 370.2 (for various material forces), Kjellberg 3D cutting head for plasma burners Beak cutting head Rotator with 3 ...
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Electric resistive chamber furnace with controlled atmosphere type CAEManipulator to the calyx press Manufacturer Klingelnbercrok production 2008 Control system Siemens Workpiece parameters:largest workpiece diameter 1200mmNew workpiece diameter with inner i outer ring 500mmNew workpiece diameter with one pressure ring 350 mmLarge height of the workpiece approx. 250 mmCapacity of hardening approx. 1200 Kg / hour Working space :Maximum distance ...
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PO documentation

Types, content and guidance of fire protection documentation for inclusion in the category of activities with increased fire danger or high fire hazard, fire hazard assessment, determination of fire protection security organisation, fire regulations, fire alarm guidelines, fire evacuation plan, fire management documentation, fire reporting order, thematic plan and timetable for training of staff and training of preventive ...
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OSH documentation

Documentation for buildings and workplaces If you carry out your activities in the building or workplace in rent, then a lease agreement is a priority for you. However, it is certainly not a good thing if you request the documents below or at least verify that they are available to the owner and you carry out your activities in accordance with them. Approval Completed ...
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