SCHUTTE CNC Grinder: Precision and Versatility Combined

In the world of machining, precision and versatility are paramount. The SCHUTTE Grinder embodies these qualities, offering engineers and manufacturers a powerful tool for achieving exceptional results. With its impressive specifications and advanced features, this machine sets a new standard for grinding operations. In this article, we will explore the capabilities and benefits of the SCHUTTE CNC Grinder.

High-Performance Axis Movements: The SCHUTTE CNC Grinder boasts impressive axis movements that enable precise grinding operations. Its longitudinal axis (X) provides a generous 500 mm of travel, while the cross axis (Y) and vertical axis (Z) offer 320 mm of travel each. These extensive ranges allow for flexibility in handling a wide variety of workpieces, making the machine suitable for diverse machining tasks.

Rotary Axis: One of the standout features of the SCHUTTE CNC Grinder is its rotary axis (A), which enhances its versatility. The A-axis provides the ability to tilt within a range of 30 degrees in both positive and negative directions, allowing for angled grinding operations. Additionally, the A-axis can rotate a full 355 degrees and supports up to 999 divisions. With its wide range of motion and high degree of precision, the machine can tackle complex grinding tasks with ease.

Speed and Feed Control: Efficiency is a key factor in modern machining, and the SCHUTTE CNC Grinder delivers on this front. The machine offers precise control over speed and feed rates, ensuring optimal performance. The X and Y axes can travel at speeds ranging from 0.1 to 10,000.0 mm/min, while the Z-axis can reach speeds of up to 5,000.0 mm/min. This versatility allows operators to adapt the machine's performance to match the requirements of different materials and grinding applications.

Superior Precision: When it comes to precision, the SCHUTTE CNC Grinder stands out from the crowd. With a fine resolution of 0.001 mm per increment on the X, Y, and Z axes, it offers exceptional control over the grinding process. The A-axis provides a resolution of 0.001 degrees or 3.6 arc seconds per increment, enabling intricate grinding operations with the utmost accuracy. The machine's capability to achieve fine resolutions ensures that even the most demanding tolerances can be met consistently.

Impressive Specifications: The SCHUTTE CNC Grinder comes with a host of impressive specifications that further enhance its capabilities. The machine offers a minimum and maximum step size of 0.5 mm and 10,000.0 mm, respectively, providing flexibility for various grinding tasks. With a maximum tip height of 155 mm and a maximum diameter of 320 mm, it can handle a wide range of workpieces. The machine's table also allows for a maximum clamping length of 700 mm between the centers, accommodating larger workpieces.

Enhanced Worktable: The worktable of the SCHUTTE CNC Grinder is designed to facilitate efficient and accurate grinding operations. The adjustable table height, with a range of 1,095 mm, ensures ergonomic positioning for operators. The table surface measures 116 x 1,210 mm², providing ample space for securing workpieces securely during grinding. Moreover, the longitudinal table features four T-slots with DIN 650-14H8 specifications and a center distance of 63 mm, enabling flexible workholding options.

Powerful Grinding Spindle: Equipped with a high-performance grinding spindle, the SCHUTTE CNC Grinder delivers impressive results. The spindle operates at a speed of 4,000 min-1 and is driven by a 2.4 kW motor. This combination of power and precision ensures efficient material removal and excellent surface finish, meeting the demands of various grinding applications

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