Exploring the Strausak Promat 18 Tool Grinder

In the world of precision machining, having the right tools and equipment is essential for achieving optimal results. One such tool that has gained recognition for its performance and reliability is the Strausak Promat 18 tool grinder. Manufactured by MAE (MAE-Strausak), this machine offers a range of features and specifications that make it a popular choice among professionals in the industry. In this article, we will delve into the technical details and explore the capabilities of the Strausak Promat 18.

Technical Specifications: The Strausak Promat 18 tool grinder comes equipped with manual grinding spindles, providing users with precise control over their grinding operations. The machine also features manual hydraulic spindles for tool grinding, ensuring efficient and accurate results. With travel distances of 380mm (X-axis), 300mm (Y-axis), and 620mm (Z-axis), the Promat 18 offers ample working space for various machining tasks.

The maximum rotational speed of the workpiece spindle reaches an impressive 9,000 rpm, enabling high-speed machining operations. The grinding wheel, with a diameter of 200mm, ensures efficient material removal and surface finish. The inclusion of a dressing spindle allows for easy maintenance and dressing of the grinding wheel.

The MAE dimensions of the Promat 18 measure 4700mm in length, 2630mm in width, and 2450mm in height, providing a sturdy and robust structure for reliable performance. Despite its solid construction, the machine weighs 6,000kg, ensuring stability during operation.

Special Features and Peripherals: One notable special feature of the Strausak Promat 18 is the inclusion of a Filtranlage system, which aids in maintaining a clean working environment by efficiently filtering out grinding particles and coolant mist. This not only improves the longevity of the machine but also enhances the safety of the operators.

The Promat 18 also incorporates a NUM 3.8.0 R control system, offering a user-friendly interface and advanced control capabilities. Additionally, it is equipped with a Renishaw measuring system, enabling precise measurements and accurate positioning.

While the machine does not have a suction system or a loading system, its other features compensate for these omissions, making it a versatile tool grinder suitable for various applications.

Conclusion: The Strausak Promat 18 tool grinder manufactured by MAE-Strausak is a reliable and high-performance machine designed to meet the demanding requirements of precision machining. With its manual grinding spindles, hydraulic tool grinding spindles, and ample travel distances, it provides users with the flexibility and control needed for a wide range of machining tasks. The inclusion of special features such as the Filtranlage system and the NUM control system further enhance its value and usability. Whether it's for small-scale production or large-scale manufacturing, the Promat 18 stands as a robust and efficient solution for tool grinding needs.

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