Introducing the BPH 320 A Horizontal Surface Grinder by TOS Hostivař

In the world of machining and metalworking, precision and efficiency are paramount. One machine that excels in delivering exceptional results is the BPH 320 A Horizontal Surface Grinder, manufactured by Hostivař. With its robust construction and impressive technical specifications, this grinder is a reliable companion for various grinding tasks.

Technical Specifications: Manufacturer: TOS Hostivař Grinding Wheel: 250 x 76 x 32 mm Table Clamping Surface: 1000 x 320 mm Longitudinal Table Travel: 1060 mm Cross Table Travel: 350 mm Vertical Spindle Movement: 400 mm Grinding Wheel Speed: 2522 min-1 Machine Weight: 3400 kg

Enhanced Precision and Versatility: The BPH 320 A boasts a substantial grinding wheel size of 250 x 76 x 32 mm, allowing for precise and efficient material removal. Its generously sized table clamping surface of 1000 x 320 mm provides ample space for accommodating workpieces of various sizes and shapes. The longitudinal table travel of 1060 mm and cross table travel of 350 mm further enhance its versatility, enabling the operator to easily maneuver and position the workpiece for optimal grinding results.

Reliable Performance: Equipped with a vertical spindle movement of 400 mm, the BPH 320 A enables grinding operations on both flat surfaces and contoured workpieces. The machine's grinding wheel speed of 2522 min-1 ensures high material removal rates while maintaining accuracy and surface finish. Thanks to its sturdy construction and a weight of 3400 kg, the BPH 320 A provides stability and vibration dampening, resulting in consistent and reliable performance.

Applications: The BPH 320 A Horizontal Surface Grinder finds its application across various industries. It is particularly suitable for precision grinding tasks in metalworking workshops, tool rooms, and manufacturing facilities. From smoothing rough surfaces to achieving tight tolerances, this machine excels at enhancing the quality and precision of workpieces.

Conclusion: The BPH 320 A Horizontal Surface Grinder by TOS Hostivař offers a winning combination of robust construction, exceptional technical specifications, and reliable performance. Whether you're a professional machinist or a manufacturing facility, this grinder provides the precision and versatility needed to achieve outstanding results. With its remarkable features and capabilities, the BPH 320 A is a valuable addition to any workshop or production line.

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