Horizontal Boring Machine Škoda WH 160 CNC with HEIDENHAIN Control System

We offer for sale a 160 machine with a HEIDENHAIN Control System

In the field of modern industrial metal processing, high-quality machinery plays a key role. As part of our current offer, we are pleased to present the Škoda WH 160 CNC horizontal boring machine with an excellent HEIDENHAIN control system , ideal for demanding machining with precision and efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer: Škoda
Machine type: Horizontal boring machine
Model: W 160 H
Year of modernization: 2009
Control system: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 (Version: 340490 04 SP8)

Main Parameters:

Spindle diameter: Ø160 mm
Clamping taper: Metric 100 / HSK 80
Travel in the “X” axis: 9000 mm
Travel in the “Y” axis: 3050 mm
Travel in the “ZW” axis: 1500 mm
Clamping surface: 4000×9000 mm
Maximum workpiece weight: 40,000 kg


Dimensions: 2000×2000 mm
Load capacity: 20,000 kg
Y table travel: 2800 mm
Travel table Z: 1000 mm
This advanced machine features innovative technology and robust construction, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications from small parts to large workpieces. Its exceptional technical parameters, together with the precision of the HEIDENHAIN control system, enable the achievement of excellent results in the field of metal machining.


Machining of small and large metal parts
Production of complex components
Industrial production with an emphasis on precision
Machining various materials with high efficiency

Modern HEIDENHAIN control system for maximum control
Robust construction for long life
High load capacity of the table for workpieces of various sizes
Wide range of possible applications
Light spindle weight for faster and more accurate operations
If you are looking for a reliable machine for your machining needs, the Škoda W 160 CNC horizontal boring machine is a great choice. For more information or to arrange a tour, do not hesitate to contact us . We look forward to working with you and providing you with a superior solution for your manufacturing needs.

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