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Lathe Harrison Alpha 330T

The world of machinery is vast and varied, with each piece of equipment designed to perform specific tasks with precision and efficiency. One such machine that has garnered attention in the industry is the Lathe Harrison Alpha 330T. This article delves deep into the specifications, features, and benefits of this remarkable lathe, providing insights for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Specifications and Features

  • Height of Centres: 167mm
  • Distance between Centres: 1000mm
  • Swing over bed: 330mm
  • Swing over cross slide: 210mm
  • Spindle Bore: 42mm
  • Spindle Nose: Camlock D1-4
  • Taper in Nose bush: No.3MT
  • Spindle speeds: 2 infinitely variable ranges
  • Speed range: 90 to 2000rpm; 160 to 3500rpm
  • Main motor: 7.5kw
  • X-Axis ball screw diameter: 16mm and 25mm
  • Federate – X and Z Axes: 0.03 to 0.6 mm/rev
  • Rapid traverse speed – X and Z Axes: 4000mm/min
  • Longitudinal threading feed: Max 5750mm/min
  • Width over bed ways: 206mm
  • Width over cross slide: 140mm
  • Cross slide travel: 180mm
  • Tailstock quill diameter: 42mm
  • Tailstock quill travel: 110mm
  • Tailstock quill taper: No.3 MT

Standard Equipment

  • Electrically interlocked chuck guard
  • Electrically interlocked lifting work zone guard to CE standards
  • Standard electric coolant pump, tank, hose, and fittings
  • Machine light
  • Super precision Pratt Bernard 160mm 3 Jaw chuck
  • Dickson quick change tool post complete with 10 – off standard and 1 off boring bar holder
  • Manually operated tailstock


  1. What is the main purpose of the Lathe Harrison Alpha 330T?
    • The Lathe Harrison Alpha 330T is designed for precision machining and offers a range of features suitable for various applications in the manufacturing industry.
  2. Where can I purchase the Lathe Harrison Alpha 330T?
    • The Lathe Harrison Alpha 330T is available for purchase on various platforms, including Inzertstroje.
  3. Is there a manual available for the Lathe Harrison Alpha 330T?
    • Yes, manuals and detailed guides are often provided by the manufacturer or can be found online.


The Lathe Harrison Alpha 330T stands out as a reliable and efficient machine, suitable for a range of applications. Its specifications and features make it a valuable asset for professionals in the manufacturing industry. Whether you're looking to purchase one or simply learn more about its capabilities, this article provides a comprehensive overview to guide your decision.

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