CNC Center: Doosan DNM 400

The DNM 400 is a vertical machining center equipped with a 3-axis configuration and the i-Series control system. It features several advanced capabilities and components that enhance its precision and efficiency.

One notable feature is the Renishaw TS-27R probing system, which allows for easy and accurate tool setup. Additionally, the machine incorporates tool blow-off functionality controlled by the M function, ensuring clean and accurate measurements.

To further enhance its dimensional control and workpiece alignment, the Doosan DNM 400 is equipped with the Renishaw OMT-60 workpiece probe. This probe enables the machine to inspect dimensions and align the workpiece accurately.

The machine also includes a chip conveyor located in a tank, facilitating efficient chip removal and maintaining a clean working environment. Moreover, an oil skimmer is incorporated to separate oils, ensuring optimal coolant performance.

The Doosan DNM 400 features an ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) with a dual-arm design, allowing for quick and seamless tool exchanges. The tool magazine has a capacity of 30 tools, providing versatility and reducing setup times.

For high-pressure coolant applications, the machine incorporates a spindle coolant system with a filter, capable of delivering 12 bars of pressure. This feature enhances machining performance, especially in applications requiring efficient chip evacuation and increased cutting speeds.

To securely hold workpieces, the machine is equipped with a precise machine vise, the Darmet 100×120. Additionally, HG clamps and collets are available, offering various options for workpiece clamping and support.

The Doosan DNM 400 is operated through the FANUC MANUAL GUIDE 0i control system, featuring a 10.4″ color LCD display. This user-friendly interface allows operators to easily program and monitor machining operations.

In summary, the Doosan DNM 400 is a highly capable CNC machining center with advanced features such as probing systems, chip management components, an automatic tool changer, and high-pressure coolant capabilities. These features contribute to its precision, efficiency, and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of machining applications.

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