AXA VCC 1200 Vertical Machining Center: A Precision Powerhouse

In the world of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are key factors that determine success. With the advancement of technology, machining centers have evolved to meet the demands of modern industries. One such remarkable machine is the VCC 1200 Vertical Machining Center. This blog post will delve into the features and capabilities of this powerful machining center, highlighting its specifications and performance.


The AXA VCC 1200 Vertical Machining Center boasts impressive dimensions and weight, making it suitable for a wide range of machining tasks. With a total length of 3300 mm, width of 2300 mm, and an overall height of 2700 mm, it offers ample space for accommodating various workpieces. Weighing 9 tons, this machine exhibits robust construction and stability, ensuring precise machining even under demanding conditions.

Power and Connectivity:

The AXA VCC 1200 operates on a connection voltage of 3x400V / 230V / N / PE 50 HZ, delivering the necessary power for high-performance machining. With a connection power of 55 kVA and input protection of up to 100 A, it can handle complex machining tasks with ease. The control voltage of 24 V ensures accurate and reliable operation of the machine's control system.

Axis Travel:

This machining center offers substantial axis travel, providing versatility and flexibility in machining operations. The X-axis stroke spans 1200 mm, allowing for extensive movement along the horizontal plane. The Y-axis travel covers 600 mm, enabling precise positioning in the vertical direction. Additionally, the Z-axis travel extends up to 700 mm, providing ample room for depth adjustments during machining processes.

Tool Change System:

Efficient tool management is essential for optimizing productivity, and the AXA VCC 1200 excels in this regard. Equipped with a side tray, it accommodates up to 22 milling tools. The machine utilizes the HSK 63 DIN 69893-1 milling tool shank, known for its stability and precision. With a magazine capacity of 30 tools, it ensures seamless tool changes, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency.

Maximum Tool Dimensions:

The AXA VCC 1200 can accommodate a wide range of milling tools with varying dimensions. For normal magazine mounting, the maximum tool diameter is 85 mm. In the adjacent position, the machine can handle a larger tool diameter of up to 135 mm. The maximum tool length, denoted as L, reaches 400 mm, with a corresponding weight limit of 5.5 kg. For shorter tools with L = 200 mm, the maximum weight capacity increases to 8 kg. The feeder itself weighs 10 kg, contributing to the overall stability and precision of the machining process.


The AXA VCC 1200 Vertical Machining Center is a formidable machine that combines power, precision, and efficiency. Its impressive specifications, including substantial axis travel and a versatile tool change system, make it an ideal choice for various manufacturing applications. With the ability to handle complex machining tasks and a commitment to maintaining accuracy, this machining center stands as a reliable asset in the world of modern manufacturing.

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