UCB 125 Portal Wheel Lathe

UCB125 14 1

Lathe for machining railway wheelsets.

year of production 1981

working range:
diameter 700 – 1250 mm
diameter of wheelset carriers 650 – 1100 mm
maximum rim width 150 mm
spindle speed 8

The UCB 125 Portal Wheel Lathe is a double-saddle special-purpose lathe designed for reprofiling of wheels and brake discs used in rail vehicles. The machine tool ensures productive machining of solid (monoblock) wheels and wheels with tires of both used and new wheelsets.

The wheelset is rolled onto the built-in wheelset elevator along rails and automatically centered and clamped between the centers and the driving dogs installed on spindle face plates and attached to the undersides of the wheel rims.

The machine tool main structure is made in the form of a portal enabling wheelsets unloading to its rear side in roll-through flow. It is also possible to unload the wheelsets to the machine front side.