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Soldering device + cooling Hyfra eChilly e4

High-performance equipment from IBL for the most demanding applications. Lead-free and lead-free soldering is performed on one machine at the same time.
Available in inline and offline versions.
Easy one-step profile setting is done with the intelligent profiling system.

- New design with a small footprint
- Large touch screen with convenient operation
- Cost savings thanks to 2-chamber design and integrated automatic filter
- Liquid circulation system
- Available stand-alone or inline
- Maximum soldering quality and flexibility
- Wide range of preset temperature profiles
- Integrated cooling fan
- Convenient measurement temperature and profiling with 4 internal channels
- Medium level control
- Continuous data acquisition
- Compact size
- Dual chamber design with integrated heat exchanger
- Low energy and fluid consumption
- High accuracy and process quality achieved by patented temperature control system
- Wide range of preset profiles
- Product traceability with IBL software, Optional with barcode
- Easy maintenance
- Patented maintenance-free conveyor system
- Integrated automatic filter system for liquid circulation
- Process chamber observation window
- Optional patented RCS cooling system for heat reduction on sensitive components

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