JK lasers 1

Includes power supply with two outputs + station + station with carousel + power supply cooling
In operation since 2013
Regular service

JK lasers' Nd:YAG pulsed lasers are capable of developing short pulses with high peak power, allowing maximum
flexibility and exceptionally precise control of the manufacturing process. The laser beam is guided to the workstation via an optical fibre with a special
anti-reflection treatment. Pulsed lasers are particularly suitable for precision cutting, various types of welding, drilling and hermetic sealing.

Advantages of pulsed JK Nd:YAG lasers
- Fast control interface
- Exceptional reliability
- Special protection against reflection damage
- Precise workflow control
- Fully integrated energy and time sharing of the laser beam between multiple workstations
- Precision cutting
- Spot welding
- Hermetic sealing
- Drilling

JK lasers 2
laser welding

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