SEI Laser Scriba

In operation since 2014

Regular service

The SCRIBA is a workstation for easy and efficient marking of metals, plastics and other materials with a solid-state laser. Thanks to the
electronically controlled Z-axis with a stroke of up to 450mm, it allows marking even very large parts (not automatic, set manually). The work
station is equipped with an automatically opening cover and automatic rotary table (2-6 positions) for maximum efficiency in marking parts.
The SCRIBA station can be equipped with various laser sources. The most commonly used is the LASER 3, which is ideal for
marking material at different surface levels without the need to adjust the focal distance. The laser source, scanning head and
all the LASER 3 tubes are housed in a single unit that generates radiation at a wavelength of 1064 nm.
The G8 station is controlled using the user-friendly ICARO software, which operates under the Windows operating system. The software commonly
monitors device operating conditions such as alarms, and the operating status of individual components and many other parameters. The software
also supports network management.

Main advantages of the SCRIBA station
- Stable steel construction
- Automated Z-axis with 450mm stroke
- Automatic turntable with safety barriers
- Preparation for suction
- Dynamic focusing (LASER3)- Grayscale marking
- Bitmap and vector input files

The SCRIBA station is used for marking e.g.:
- Plastics
- Metals
- Electronic boards and components
- Protective components
- Pharmacological products

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