year of production 2016

  • Rigid, hardened and precisely ground square guide ensures accuracy
  • machanical functions, are equipped with blocking
  • headstock and gearbox are equipped with anti-slip clutch
  • the table rotates 360 degrees
  • Telescopic steel covers protect the guide against dirt
  • digital axe reading
  • central lubrication system
  • stepless speed control 0 – 1600 rpm (fregvenance converter)
  • cost-effective solution of a modern machine tool in the application of modern structural elements
  • the machine is suitable for serial production and for demanding technological use
  • The headstock contains complete nodes and mechanisms for the bearing and drive of the spindles and the longitudinal extension of the working spindle
    (W- in numerous tool clamping.
    Removable special technological accessories can be attached to the headstock front
    type of guide support, cheekpiece, milling head and so on.
  • the machine stand is an optimally dimensioned casting of grey cast iron.
  • CE
7a649 tpx 6113 8
Horizontal boring machine TPX 6113 14

spindle diameter 130 mm
drilling power 60 mm
spindle taper DIN 69871 ISO 50
max. torque Nm 3136
number of gears St. 24
spindle speed rpm 0 – 1600
spindle motor power kW 20

Line plate:
max. torque Nm 4900
plate diameter mm 750
speed range rpm 2,5 – 125
number of degrees St. 18

Work desk:
table dimensions mm 1600×1400
max. table load kg 8000
T slot (size x number) 28 mm x 9
table rotation speed rpm 1.2

travel in X-axis mm 1600
travel in Y-axis mm 1400
travel in Z-axis mm 2000
travel in W axis (spindle) mm 900
travel in U-axis (face plate) mm 250
rotation in the B-axis (table) of degrees 360

in the X-axis nm/rev. 0,01 – 6(36st.)
in the Y-axis nm/rev. 0,01 – 6(36st.)
in the Z-axis nm/rev. 0,01 – 6(36st.)
in W (spindle) nm/rev. 0,01 – 6(36st.)
in U (face plate) nm/rev. 0,08 – 12(18st.)
quick feed in X,Y,Z axis mm/min 2500