Trumpf laser TCL 3050 6KW

r.v. 2006Clock - NC-51834 Resonator-51868 Beam on -29157Power under head 5400W Laser power: 6000 WControl unit: SiemensX-max working movement: 3000 mmY-max working movement: 1500 mmX-max speed: 100 m/minY-max speed: 60 m/minTotal max speed: 60 m/minX/Y total max speed: 60 - 85 m/min

Trumatic trubend 3100

We offer for sale the Trumatic trubend 3100 press brake system : rear system 2-axis, 2 thumb stopsTool clamping: manual - lower tool, trumpf quick clamp (upper tool clamping)Bombing: Combined cnc controlled and self adjusting bomb, systemSafety: foot triggerControls: intuitive touch control t3500t, integrated trumpf technological dataThe machine is still actively used, regular original.Service trumpf ...
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TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 5000

We offer for sale laser TRUMPF TruLaser Tube 5000 Technical data:Mains: 400V/50HZLaser power: 3200 WNominal power input: 72 kVAControl voltage: 24V =Necessary fusing: 3x125Pressure connection.
7-10 barNitrogen N2 connection: 30 barO2 connection: 16 barDrives: digital three-phase servo motors (maintenance-free)Trumpf CNC equipment.