CNC centre HURCO VMX 64/40T

Control system: ULTIMAX 4Workbench length: 1700 mmWorkbench width: 870 mmX-axis travel length: 1625 mmY-axis travel length: 860 mmZ-axis travel length: 760 mmSpindle speed: 10,000 rpmMaximum rotation speed with vertical spindle axis: 12,000 1/minMachine height: 3230 mmMachine length: 4450 mmMachine width: 2890 mmWeight: 1400 kg

CNC centre Hurco VMX 42

Year of manufacture: 2003 Control system: ULTIMAXWorkbench length: 1300 mmWorkbench width: 630 mmMaximum rotation speed with vertical spindle axis: 12000 1/min X-axis travel length: 1060 mmY-axis travel length: 1060 mmZ-axis travel length: 610 mmMachine height: 3800 mmMachine length: 4900 mmMachine width: 2750 mmMachine weight: 6500 kg

CNC centre HURCO BMC 30

Year of manufacture: 2004 Control system: ULTIMAXWorkbench length: 1330Workbench width: 480Maximum rotation speed with vertical spindle axis: 8000X-axis travel length: 760Y-axis travel length: 380Z-axis travel length: 1010Machine height: 2500Machine length: 2214Machine width: 2200Machine weight:4700 HURCO HISTORY More than 50 years of HURCO! HURCO Companies Inc. was founded in ...
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