Saacke UWIE five-axis grinder

Saacke UW IE 11

We offer for sale:

5-axis CNC grinder from German manufacturer Saacke model UWIE.

year of manufacture 2005
The machine was bought new and always serviced by the original service from Saacke Germany.
The photos also show the grinding options that are purchased in the machine.
The grinder is also equipped with a robotic arm for automatic tool loading
The grinder is plugged in and still in use, the sale includes suction and belt filtration.

The Saacke UWIE five-axis grinder is a high-performance machine tool designed for precision machining of complex parts with micron-level accuracy. This grinder has five axes for the movement of the travelling table and spindle, which allows cutting in different directions, ensuring high precision and quality machining. It can be used for machining a variety of materials including metals, plastics and ceramics.

Some other specifications of the Saacke UWIE five-axis grinder may include:

  • Powerful CNC control with CAD/CAM software programming
  • High-performance spindle with direct drive and speed up to 16,000 rpm
  • Interchangeable tools with automatic tool magazine
  • Automatic lubrication and cooling to ensure long tool life and machining precision
  • Possibility to connect various attachments, such as an automatic tool cleaner or measuring equipment

The Saacke UWIE can be used for cutting complex parts in small batch production or for machining individual parts with high precision. It is suitable for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive and toolmaking.

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