Five-axis machining centre Quaser MF 630

Quaser 6

We offer for sale five-axis machining centre

year of production 2015

CNC control system Siemens 828D
ECO Cooler
Rinse gun
Work area chip rinsing
Spiral conveyor
Tool head deflection
Renishaw OMP40 workpiece probe

Technical data MF 630C
Drive (rpm) S – clutch 12000 S
Table diameter (mm) ø 500
Travel in X/Y/Z axis (mm) 800/700/610
A-axis travel (°) + 30~ – 120
Travel in C axis (°) 360 (continuous)
Maximum workpiece dimension (mm) ø 630 × 300
Table load (kg) 300
Distance of table surface from spindle face (mm) 25 – 585
Distance of the spindle face from the table center to 90 ° (mm) 25 – 585
X/Y/Z axis fast feed (m/min) 32/32/16
A-axis rapid feed (m/min) 11.1
C-axis rapid feed (m/min) 16.6
Acceleration in X/Y/Z axes (m/s2) 3/3/2
Ball screw ø 45 P = 12/12/8
Positioning accuracy (mm)
ISO 230 – 2
JIS 6338
VDI3441 0.008 / 0.004
± 0.003 / ± 0.002
0,008 / 0,004
Spindle taper MAS 403 BT
Cone size SK40
BIG PLUS spindle termination (BBT)
Spindle speed (rpm) 12000
Feeds in X / Y / Z axes – power SIEMENS (N) 14,137 / 14,137 / 21,206
Straight spindle drive + clutch
Spindle diameter (mm) ø 70
Choice of tools system "random" – random selection
Number of tools 30 standard
Maximum tool diameter (mm) 76.2
Maximum tool diameter when omitting adjacent position in the tray (mm) 125
Maximum tool length (mm) 280
Maximum tool weight (kg) 7
CTC (replacement time) ISO10791-9 (s) 4.5 (S) 1
Capacity of the refrigerant tank (l) 600
Cooling nozzle (l/min; bar) 60; 3,5
Rinsing of the inner space (l / min; bar) 60; 3,5
Machine height (mm) 3230
Built-up area of the machine – W × D (mm) 3705 x 2520
Machine weight (kg) 8750 (30 ATC)
Machine power supply (V / Hz) 400/50
Total input (kVA) 30 (S)

Introduction of Quaser :

QUASER MACHINE TOOLS, INC. was founded by Mr. Edward Shire and Mr. Samuel Shieh in 1991. The company's name is based on important principles for success in the machine tool industry - QUALITY, SERVICE and CONTINUOUS DESIGN INNOVATION.

Quaser has established long-term global relationships with major OEMs and international distributors throughout the company's history. Quaser's collaboration with international customers, suppliers and distributors has created unique new machine tool technologies, a strong international supplier network, a loyal sales and distribution network and a large global customer base.

Quaser and Winbro have teamed up in 2019 to provide customers with the ultimate solution in process innovation.

Winbro, based in the United Kingdom, is known as an expert in cooling vents. Its core application know-how can significantly improve the efficiency of gas turbine engines (commonly known as turbine blades) and extend their life cycle. The customer list includes world-renowned aircraft engine manufacturers, GE, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell and Pratt Whitney.

Whether it's aerospace/semiconductor/ fuel cell/ medical, Quaser Group can provide a variety of professional planning technologies and solutions for different industries.

The Quaser precision mechanical structure integrates Winbro's technology and application know-how to provide customers with the perfect solution in the innovation process.

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