Horizontal cnc center DOOSAN HM 500

year of manufacture 2007 control system FANUC 18i – MBOsy :X 800 mmY 650 mmZ 650 mmstůl 500 x 500 mm / 7 pallet spindle spindles 30 - 6000 rpmkul spindle ISO 50

Two-port CNC carousel

Manufacturer... FRORIEP 6KZ 200 modernization implemented in 2010 system... siemens 840D board diameter... 2000mm max. diameter... 2100mm max. workpiece height... 1400mm right slide... 5 tool holders left slide... 1 tool holder power electric motor... 55kW coolant tank machine weight... approx. 35,000kg machine is under power

Machining cnc center DMC 635,

Manufacturer: DMG MORI Manufactured: 2012 Parameters:Control system: SIEMENS 840D SLHourds total: 35870 hA working hours: 14021 h Table length: 790 mm Workbench: 560 mmMaximal table load (evenly): 6 00 kg Spindle drive power: 13 kWMinimal spindle rotation speed: 20 1/minMaximal spindle rotation speed: 10000 1/min Axis travel length X (mechanical feed): 635 mm Y-axis travel length (mechanical ...
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Machining center MCFV 1060, 4-seeded

Year of manufacture 2018 number mth 4057 control system FANUC OiUSB port tension 3 x 400 V / 50 Hzo spindles ISO 50 = 8000 rpm-maxute cone ISO 502-speed planetary gearbox spindle drive power 20/28 kW drive feeds and spindle Siemens digital one tray for ISO 50 = 24 direct measuring tools Heidenhainpneumatic elements SMCautomatic central lubrication tukemautomatic blowing ...
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CNC Machining Center TAJMAC-ZPS type MCFV 1060 trend, 3 series

Year of construction 2015 the machine was 80% aluminum (rest iron and anticor) Possibility of testing. Number of engine hours: CNC system 18219,machine 17898 hours, spindle 9077. travels in X 1016 mm axis, Y 610 mm, Z 760 mm table 1270×590 mm Control system Heidenhain iTNC 530USB port tension 3×400 V / 50Hz spindles 12,000 (rpm/min-max)ISO clamping cone 40 straight ...
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Fermat WFC 10 CNC Horizontal Drill

year of manufacture 2015 Running in the program only 4000 hours ! Control system Heidenhain TNC 530 Spindle working diameter 100 mmX 2000 mm Axis travel Y-axis travel 1700 mm Spindle speed 0 - 3000 /min. Center cooling yes Cooling pressure through the center of 50 bar Spindle displacement (W) 730 mmUser Z 1250 mm Tool filler yesNumer of positions in tool magazine 40 Clamping cone ...
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Haas Automation - 5-Axis Milling UMC-750

Machining in five-wasps is an effective way to reduce setup time and increase accuracy for multi-faceted and complex workpieces. Haas UMC series universal machining centers are affordable 3+2 machining solutions and simultaneous machining on five-ain. The UMC-750 centre has an integrated double-wass cradle table with a 500mm plate containing standard T-grooves and...
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Machining center Mori Seiki NH 4000 DCG

Year of manufacture 2006 CNC control: MSX 501III axis:Axis X mm: 560 Axis Y mm: 560Osa Z mm: 620B axis degree: 360 Pallet:Dimensions mm: 400 x 400Numer of pallets: 2Max. workpiece weight kg: 400Max. workpiece diameter mm: 630Max. workpiece height mm: 900 Spindle:Spindle speed rpm: 14,000 Tool system:Tool type: BT 40positions in tool change 40...
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CNC Center Hurco VMX 42

Year of manufacture: 2003 Control system: ULTIMAX Work bench length: 1300 mmSteng width: 630 mmMaximical rotational speed with vertical spin spin spinch axis: 12000 1/min X-axis travel length: 1 060 mmY-a-side travel length: 1060 mm Z-range travel length: 610 mm Machine height: 3800 mm Machine length: 4900 mm Machine width: 2750 mm Machine weight: 6500 kg

Band saw PP 700

year of manufacture 2019 The machine never worked ! Technical data Dimensions and weight:length mm 3,838 mm 1,710 mm 2,760 weight approx. 5,250 kg Electrical data:main engine 7.5 kW hydraulic oil pump 3 kW pump cooling 0.09 kW brush motor 0.18 kW heating voltage 24 V DC special accessories:chip conveyor 0.18 kW Saw band:dimensions 8,200 x 54 ...
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Horizontal planar grinder TOS BPH 320 A

Basic technical data:Manufacturer: TOS HostivařRobe number: 181 136Ye years of manufacture: 1966Brustable disc: 250 x 76 x 32 mm Table clamping surface: 1000 x 320 mmCoating table movement: 1060 mmSuit movement of the table: 350 mm Vertical spine movement: 400 mm Grinding wheel discs: 2522 min-1The mass of the machine: 3400 kg Content of delivery:Machine, printed documentation of the manufacturer

CNC machining center MAHO MH 1000 S

Overhaul: 2002 Control system: Heidenhain TNC 426 Rotary table work surface: 1200 x 800 mmSwive table settings: 0.001 degree, in the range of 0 to 360 degreesThe table travel axis X: 1000 mm (longitudinally)Table travel axis Y: 600 mm (vertical)Table travel axis Z: 800 mm (transversive)Spin spinster: horizontal/vertical Spin spinle head adjustment to horizontal or vertical position is mechanical, ...
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photo on request : info@sedlacek-t.cz Working range:nominal turning diameter 2500 - 5000 mmmeral turning diameter 5000 mmmaximal diameter turning crossbar. Suport 5000 mm height of the lower surface of the cross-sectional suport maintenance shear above the clamping plate 1800 mm above the lower surface of the normal knife holder above the clamping plate mm 1700hyb of the crossbar mm 1700mm of the X mm axis 2840moving of the Z mm axis 895moving of the U-axis ...
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Lathe PBR 30 - 2000

Lathe PBR 30 - 2000 year of manufacture 1995 Description: measuring in 3 adistars HeidenhainMultifix - tool holder workpiece diameter above the bed 600 mm workpiece diameter 380 mm workpiece length 2000 mmdage center 3 00 mmmaximical weight of the workpiece 3000 kg diameter spins 146 mmsprain spins 105 mm torque 7900 Nmkužel MK 5posuv 0.05 – 11.2 mm / minspeed feed 3.6 ...
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