Akira Seiki SV 1350 1

Vertical drilling and milling center AKIRA SEIKI SV1350 with starting axis X/Y/Z: 1350 / 640 / 660 mm

Mitsubishi system ( very similar to FANUC ) r.v. 2011

Tool ( cable ) , workpiece ( OMP60 infra ) probe ( Renishaw )

Chip conveyor belt , high-pressure pump – center cooling.

4 axis 250mm (without chuck )

The Akira Seiki SV1350 vertical milling centre is a representative of the highest range of milling centres in the Akira Seiki range.
The machine has a type C construction with a spindle moving in the Z-axis and a cross table moving in the Y and X directions.

All structural components stand, i.e. bed, stand,
the transverse slide and workbench are made of grey cast iron castings.

The X and Y linear axis are stored on the Japanese high-load rolling guide of the THK brand.
The Z-axis is fitted with a sliding guide for greater rigidity and resistance to overloading by demolition.

The machine was designed with the utmost emphasis on high accuracy,
stiffness and machining dynamics while maintaining a favourable price-performance ratio.

Compared to competing products, the Akira Seiki SV1350 stands out for its higher weight and
more powerful spindles with a maximum power of up to 32 kW,
better dynamics and greater tool magazine capacity (36-tool arm exchanger as standard.

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